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Dr Anantharaman Completed his 10 year long rigourous medical training from top medical institutions of this country and is registered with Medical Council of India to practice Endocrinology 

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 He is a gold medallist at MD Internal medicine and won the Torrent Young scholar award during his DM training

During his long and Distinguished career He has published over a dozen scientific articles in national and international Journals 

 He is highly regarded by peers and is frequently invited speaker at National conferences of  Endocrinologists and Diabetologists

Who are our patients we serve!

Dr Anantharaman has a decade long experience in Managing Complex endocrine disorders and diabetes.In a decades time he has managed more than 25000 patients with such conditions

Diabetes Care

Typically patients with complicated,long standing diabetes and pregnant women with diabetes are referred for care by leading physicians ,gynaecologists and surgeons to dr anantharaman.

Thyroid disorders

many patients with overactive thyroid, thyroid eye disease and hypothyroidism visit  dr anantharaman


Young women with unwanted hair growth,acne and irregular periods benefit from proper evaluation and treatment of PCOS which 

Education & Training




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Recent Research Publications

- 2013, Indian journal of Endocrinology and metabolism -

The 1 μg cosyntropin test in normal individuals: A reappraisal

- 2020, Indian Journal of endocrinology and metabolism-

Diagnosis of TIO: Is serum FGF23 Measurement always the answer?

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