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Adult and Pediatric Endocrinologist

Magna Centers for obesity,Diabetes and Endocrinology

About Dr. Anantharaman

Dr Anantharaman is a certified endocrinologist with a DM in endocrinology.

He is a superspecialist and treats adults with complicated Diabetes, Thyroid dysfunction,Thyroid nodules, PCOS,Obesity, Erectile Dysfunction ,Gynaecomastia and Osteoporosis


He also deals with childhood endocrine problems - poor growth, delayed or early puberty, rickets and metabolic bone disease

He has a rich experience of over a decade and has treated more than 25,000 patients.


He is assisted by a highly specialised  professional team of Nurses, lab-technitians and pharmacists at MagnaCentres for Obesity Diabetes and Endocrinology located at BTM layout Bangalore

Health tips from the Doctor

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